Did I just say that out loud?  It’s a great question though.  Launching an indoor soccer blog is a tall order. Building it into something worthwhile is an even taller order. Starting it just as the MASL season is about to conclude is kind of nuts.  And did I mention writing is kind of torturous for me?

But here we are. If you’re reading this then we’re off to a good start. If you’re not reading it then you don’t know what you’re missing, which is the challenge the sport of arena soccer constantly faces.  If you don’t know what the MASL is, or that you have a local indoor soccer team, or when the games are, chances are you won’t make it to too many games.  It’s not a conscious rejection if you don’t partake in something you aren’t even aware of.

What was I talking about?  A blog! About indoor soccer! It’s either the biggest small sport or the smallest big sport, but indoor soccer has been kicking around for almost 40 years and millions of people play it in the United States and yet it exists in a kind of limbo. It doesn’t get the coverage it deserves, in part, because the good folks in the media don’t know enough about it to report on it authoritatively (Think about how many times you’ve seen someone on the news butcher a player’s name, or a league’s name, or just say something crazy and you think, “What an idiot!”  Well, who wants to be that guy when they can report on something in their wheelhouse instead?).

That leaves us fans searching for bread crumbs and trying to comb Facebook for clues. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where you could get news, opinions (where I always get in trouble) throwbacks (whatever happened to Tino Lettieri? maybe we can find out!) and more about the sport you love. I know I would want that. So I have to go all DIY and write it myself.

But I won’t be alone for long (I hope). We’re going to conscript other writers (whether they like it or not) and cultivate stories on the MASL, PASL, WISL, US National Arena Soccer Team and more.

Will it work? We’ll find out, but to paraphrase Airplane!, I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I won’t smell too good, that’s for sure.

Welcome to The Turf and Boards!