Thanksgiving is upon us, so I’d like to take this opportunity to write what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for this blog. I’ve wanted to write about MASL soccer, especially the Silver Knights, for a few years now. When the opportunity came about, I was nervous at first. I hadn’t written anything in years, but, I guess when you’re passionate about something, the words fly out of your fingertips, and onto the screen. So, with that, I’d like to thank my editor-in-chief, Sydney, for allowing me to do this. I’m just waiting for my plane ticket to St. Louis this January to cover my Knights on their road trip.

Speaking of the Knights, I’m thankful for them. In their first year, I went to a game with my brother-in-law and his family. I didn’t know what to expect. I had watched soccer, and wasn’t a huge fan, mainly because of the low scoring. So, that was my mindset going into this game; a low scoring contest. Boy, was I wrong! Of course, this was back when the MISL had two and three-point goals (which I would love to see make a comeback!), but the action was fast paced and the goals came in bunches. I left that night with a new found love of this sport. Before the next year started, an opportunity came about in regards to season tickets. A lifetime ticket option was available. Basically, you pay $500, and your tickets were good as long as the team stayed in town. I thought, “How could I pass this up?” It’s been six years since that transaction, and I hope this team stays around for many more years.

A big thank you to GM Tommy Tanner, Coach Ryan Hall, and the players from the Knights, both past and present, for being so nice to myself and my children. Now, before every game, my daughter Hannah will tell me she’s going to see “Bo, and Joey, and their friends.” She’s almost as excited about the games as I am.

Finally, I’m thankful for you, the reader. Thank you for taking the time every week, to read all of the articles posted on here. We appreciate all of the support, no matter what team you root for (except Blast fans…I kid, I kid!). We’re all in this together. We all have a love for this sport, and we all want to see it succeed. It’s been great getting to travel to other venues and meet other fans of the MASL, and I hope I get to do that again really soon!

I’m going to be doing my rankings and predictions tomorrow. Until then, MASL Nation, get stuffed…with turkey that is!