This week we had the pleasure of meeting the recent MASL Goalkeeper of the Week (Week 14), San Diego Sockers goalie Boris Pardo.

We talked about his collegiate career at Seton Hall and how his first professional exposure came in his parents’ homeland of Chile.

We then spoke about the rigors of coming up through the ranks of Major League Soccer and how he got introduced to the indoor game. He touched on his time in the Major Indoor Soccer League with the Missouri Comets alongside Danny Waltman under the coaching of former Sockers legend Alan Mayer.

We discussed his experience at the WMF World Cup 2017 in Tunisia. He also talked about the relationship he has with teammate Chris Toth and working under Sockers GK coach, legendary former goalkeeper Zoltan Toth.

I hope you enjoy the discussion. It was fun to walk through Boris Pardo’s soccer life and career with him. Boris is a very affable man and I think that comes through in this interview.