Anthony Medina, affectionately known as M5 has been the San Diego Sockers Ironman. His midfield play has anchored the team for nearly a decade.

As soon as the recent incarnation of the Sockers took the field in Del Mar back in 2009, Medina caught my eye. He was that player that made all the others better. The Sockers were able to resurrect themselves under the pressure of what the brand demands.

Medina was a huge part of that. As part of a group of players all from the San Diego area, including Aaron Susi, Chiky Luna, Kraig Chiles, Chris Toth, Paul Wright, Scott Martin and others, they set out to put a mark on the indoor game. Right out of the gate the Sockers claimed 4 consecutive PASL titles, 3 U.S. Arena Open Cup titles, the FIFRA International Club Championship in Mexico and set a new United States Professional Team Sport winning streak record of 48 games in a row. Medina was the only player to appear in every one of those 48 games.

He quickly became my personal favorite on the field. This interview took place just days after his birthday and his retirement from the game. It also followed his two last home appearances where he scored consecutive hat tricks.

It is hard for me to see him leave the team, but it has been a huge honor to have had the opportunity to be in the stands for virtually all of his home games throughout his entire Sockers career.