As we approach this website’s first anniversary, the Turf and Boards is proud to present the first annual Boards Awards in recognition of excellence in the Major Arena Soccer League. The 2017/18 Boards Awards will include Rookie of the YearCoach of the YearDefender of the YearGoalkeeper of the Year and, finally, Most Valuable Player. Rather than picking one definitive winner in each category, our panel of Matt Huber (aka Merlin, the Knight Writer), Greg “Ponto” Suttie (Sockers Locker, Ponto Off the Wall) and Sydney Nusinov each weighed in with their own choices for each award.

Our panelists did not meet to discuss the awards, instead making their submissions independently, but our picks for Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Most Valuable Player were unanimous, though we came up with a different top Rookie and Coach than the MASL. The MASL’s pick for Defender of the Year (which came out after we made our selections) wasn’t anywhere on our radar and wasn’t included in our fan poll. The MASL’s co-Rookie of the Year Philip Lund didn’t make our list of finalists either.

Below are our picks and the MASL award winners, and we still want to hear from you in our fan polls, which are still active.

Most Valuable Player
Matt Huber: Franck Tayou ● Greg Suttie: Franck Tayou ●  Sydney Nusinov: Franck Tayou ● MASL: Franck Tayou

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Goalkeeper of the Year
MH: William Vanzela ● GS: Boris Pardo ● SN: Josh Lemos ● MASL: Chris Toth

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Defender of the Year
MH: Pat Healey ● GS: John Sosa ● SN: John Sosa ● MASL: Robert Acosta

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Coach of the Year
MH: Ryan Hall ● GS: Ryan Hall ● SN: Ryan Hall ● MASL: Mariano Bollella

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Rookie of the Year
MH: Adrien Perez ● GS: Adrien Perez ● SN: Adrien Perez ● MASL: Edgar Gonzalez/Philip Lund

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