Soccer in Central New York has a different feel than last year. I’d like to compare this to starting at a new school. For fans of the Syracuse Silver Knights franchise, you have a new environment to cheer on your team, the Adirondack Bank Center, but the players are pretty much the same. For people in Utica, you are used to cheering on the Utica Comets at the “AUD”, but you’re wondering, “Who are these guys?”. Well, let the FC Fanatic introduce you to the players of Utica City FC! From now until kickoff on December 1st, I’ll highlight selected players, and ask them a series of questions.

In Part 1, we will highlight Nate Bourdeau. Bourdeau, a 5’9’’, 155-pound, 7th year MASL veteran midfielder, began his college career at Boston University before playing three years at Rutgers, where he was the team captain and MVP. Last year, Nate scored 17 goals and assisted on 10 others for the Silver Knights.


Nate Bourdeau once had a Tweet featured in a LeBron James Kia commercial.


Name: Nate Bourdeau

Number: 80

Position: Midfielder

What made you start playing soccer?

I started playing soccer when I was four years old. My parents knew my brother and I weren’t going to be the biggest kids so they wanted to put us into something they thought we could have the most success. From there I fell in love with the game and haven’t stopped playing since.

Growing up, who were your favorite players?

Growing up, Ronaldo (R9) and Edgar Davids were my idols. Over time it became Ronaldinho. The way he enjoys the game and the flair he plays with is second to none. I’d always watch the “Joga Bonito” commercials with the Brazil national team and want to be just like them.

Do you have a favorite team, besides Utica City FC? 

I am a Chelsea supporter. As a kid, my favorite team, domestically, was a NY/NJ MetroStars. Clint Mathis was my favorite player.

Who has been the most difficult player to play against in your indoor career?

That’s a very difficult question. I’ve been lucky enough to play against some great players. I may be biased but I would have to say my teammate, Kenardo Forbes. (FUN FACT: Kenardo and Nate won the 2015 USL Championship with the Rochester Rhinos.)

Fill in the blank: To be successful in the MASL, you must be _______.

Cerebral. Coachable.

When you’re not playing soccer, what do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not playing soccer, I’m working on my businesses (Bourdeau’s Skill School/Fitness FC) or spending time with family and friends.

Finally, what is your favorite restaurant in Central New York?

Depends on my mood but most consistent for me would be Francesca’s Cucina.

I want to thank Nate for taking the time out to answer some questions for me. I will try and get as many players for this series as I can. Until next time MASL Nation, this is the FC Fanatic signing off!