In this installment of “Getting To Know You,” we will highlight Ben Ramin. This will be Ben’s third season in the MASL, with his first two seasons spent close to home in Syracuse with the Silver Knights. The 6’2″, 175 pound Ramin, graduated from the University of New Hampshire, and also attended Syracuse University. Even though he’s a “defender”, Ben has been known to play every position on the field, except goalkeeper. Last year for Syracuse, he tallied 11 goals, assisted on seven, and blocked 21 shots.

Photo courtesy of Bob Coe III

Name: Ben Ramin

Number: 2

Position: Defender

Nickname: Big Ben

What made you start playing soccer?

I grew up in a very big soccer family. My father and uncles all played and have passed on the passion of the game to my brothers and myself.

Growing up, who were your favorite players?

My favorite players growing up we’re my two older brothers, (MASL Vice President of Operations) Jon and Hobie. Playing soccer with and against them each day helped me become the player I am today.

Do you have a favorite team, besides Utica City FC? 


Who has been the most difficult player to play against in your indoor career?

Easy. Darren Toby. He reads the game so well and is impossible to get off the ball. Liam Callahan is a close second, he is a amazing competitor with an engine.

Fill in the blank: To be successful in the MASL, you must be _______.

Unified. We have a extremely tight group and it will translate to success on the field.

When you’re not playing soccer, what do you do in your spare time?

Everything revolves around the game. If I’m not playing I’m either coaching or watching. Right now I’m managing the CNYFSC Youth Soccer program. I love passing on my passion for the game to the youth soccer community in Upstate New York.

Over the summer, you did quite a few soccer camps for kids, which means lots of pizza! Favorite pizza topping?

So much pizza! I would have to say the meatball pie from Apizza is my favorite. Spectacular!

I will be expecting one of these the next time I see you Ben. Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions. Next time, Andrew Coughlin tells us about his pre-game rituals, and what makes a successful MASL player. Until next time MASL Nation!