A new city, a new name, and now a new turf for Utica City FC. Gone is the traditional green turf with the hideous double-Dave & Busters logo at midfield, replaced by a new blue turf reminiscent of Boise State’s famous field.

You’re not seeing double. When the AHL Crunch lengthened their field, the Silver Knights had to adjust their turf and re-center their center circle.

A video of the new turf surfaced on Facebook Sunday night. The Sporturf International field was still awaiting many of its markings, showing only a white center line and a pair of yellow lines.

Boise State’s blue field is a popular feature like Fenway Park’s Green Monster.

The Kansas City Comets promised a new blue turf field earlier this year (while their old turf is now being used by the Orlando SeaWolves), but the Utica video is the first look at what a blue arena soccer field looks like. The Arizona Thunder in 2000 were the first team to sport a black turf field and the Milwaukee Wave added a black turf of their own in 2014.