by Jon Marks

Even now, decades since his brainchild was laid to rest, Ed Tepper still can see the fruit of all his labors and smile.

He knows that while the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) he helped create in the late 1970’s may be ancient history, the seeds he and co-founder Earl Foreman sowed have sprouted. “I have no regrets, because indoor soccer now is big” said Tepper, a successful suburban Philadelphia real estate developer who had the vision to make what may have first seemed like a gimmick sport a reality.  “What we really did was establish a sport…CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE ON FORBES.COM

The Major Indoor Soccer League, which lasted from 1978-92, will hold a 40th reunion July 2-4 in Las Vegas. Among the highlights of the celebration will be the induction of 10 new members into the MISL Hall of Fame.

Source: Years After Fizzling Out MISL 40th Reunion Ready for Launch