The United States National Arena Soccer Team announced its roster for Saturday’s international exhibition game against the Mexican National Futbol Rapido Team today. The historic rivals kick off at 7:00pm at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Mexico’s roster was previously announced. Intriguing Mexico Roster Announced for Rio Rancho, NM

Once again, the US roster is headlined by American soccer star Landon Donovan and three-time MASL MVP Franck Tayou. Donovan, who is second all time with 157 caps with the outdoor US Mens National Team, will be making his third appearance with their US indoor counterparts.

Miguel Garcia will represent the US on behalf of the New Mexico Runners, who call the Santa Ana Star Center home during the M2 season. Garcia will team up with seven of his M2 rivals from the Chicago Mustangs, Cincinnati Swerve, Colorado Inferno, and Sockers 2.

In true Cinderella fashion, Roger Castellano, Triston Austin, and Kasey McDonald were selected from the USNAST Denver Combine to appear with the national team. At least one more worthy trialist will be added to the US roster after tomorrow’s open tryout/combine at the Santa Ana Star Center. You can register now at

The US and Mexico will meet one more time after Saturday — September 14 in Stockton, California — before flying to Perth, Australia for the 2019 WMF World Cup, which begins October 1.

Position Name Current Team
GK – Jose Resendiz (Chicago Mustangs)
D – Uzi Tayou (Ontario Fury)
D – Alex Lopez (Chicago Mustangs)
D – De Bray Hollimon (Ontario Fury)
D – Manny Adjei (Cincinnati Swerve)
M – Eli Galbraith-Knapp (Sockers 2)
M – Taylor Bond (San Diego Sockers)
M – Roger Castellano (Denver Combine Selection)
M – Chad Hagerty (Sockers 2)
M – Landon Donovan (San Diego Sockers)
M – Triston Austin (Denver Combine Selection)
M – Kasey McDonald (Denver Combine Selection)
F – Marc Hansson (Cincinnati Swerve)
F – Miguel Garcia (New Mexico Runners)
F – Franck Tayou (Ontario Fury)

Head Coach Phil Salvagio (San Diego Sockers)
Assistant Coach Craig Rhodis (Cincinnati Swerve)
Assistant Coach Steve Famiglietta (New Mexcio Runners)
Athletic Trainer Paul Savage (San Diego Sockers)

Position Name Current Team(s)
GK – Diego Reynoso (Monterrey Flash/Don Roge)
D – Emmanuel Aguirre (San Diego Sockers/Matamoros)
D – Raymundo Contreras (San Diego Sockers)
D – Luis Medrano (Savage Chihuahua)
D – Roberto Escalante (Monterrey Flash/Savage Chihuahua)
D – Marco Tovar (Monterrey Flash/Gokay)
M – Mitchell Cárdenas (Rio Grande Valley Barracudas)
M – Edgar Flores (Monterrey Flash/Gokay)
M – Francisco Torres (None)
M – Hugo Puentes (Orlando SeaWolves/Savage Chihuahua)
M – Erick Ponce (Rio Grande Valley Barracudas/Matamoros)
M – Carlos Hernandez (Rio Grande Valley Barracudas/Reynosa)
F – Moises Gonzalez (Utica City/Matamoros)
F – Jaime Rodriguez (New Mexico Runners)
F – David Gonzalez (Savage Chihuahua)

Head Coach Rene Ortiz (San Diego Sockers)
Assistant Coach Luis Jaime Borrego (Monterrey Flash) 
Assistant Coach Victor Melendez (San Diego Sockers)