Now it’s a rivalry. The 27th time was the charm for the St. Louis Ambush against the Milwaukee Wave. The better news was the debut of Oitomeia Souza, who sported a novel haircut and demonstrated some flair when he put the finishing touches on his empty net goal that put St. Louis up 6-1.

The Ambush roster has evolved as the season has gone on. The offseason signings of Tony Walls, Duduca Carvalho, and Oitomeia are starting to yield dividends (Walls has been on fire the whole season). Lucas Almeida returned to the lineup, and the team traded for Jonatan Santos, giving coach Hewerton Moreira five former Cedar Rapids Rampage players in his lineup. The only recent bad news is the loss of Magui Souza, who will be out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL.

All that said, the Ambush will now host Utica City for two games, and it will all be for naught if St. Louis falls to 4-7.

Similarly, the Sonora Soles, also 4-5, will travel to Harrisburg and Baltimore this weekend, trying to stay in a Western Conference playoff race that no one seems interested in competing for. The third and fourth seeds are currently occupied by teams with losing records.

Friday, the Monterrey Flash will play the Turlock Cal Express for the first time in the five seasons they have competed together in the PASL and MASL.

Sunday, Tatu returns to San Diego for the first time as coach of the Mesquite Outlaws and the Heat will play the Rochester Lancers for the sixth and final time. Milwaukee will have a home-and-home with the Kansas City Comets, while the struggling Ontario Fury will host Monterrey and travel to Tacoma.

Last Week: 1
If the #1 team could move up, Monterrey would be distancing themselves from the rest of the rankings after three more wins and 31 more goals scored. Brayan Aguilar already has a new career high in goals and Hugo Puentes and Jorge Rios are proving to be a positive legacy of the defunct El Paso Coyotes.
LW: 3
LW: 4
Beating up on Orlando is OK, but getting Gordy Gurson back was the biggest win this week for Florida.

LW: 2
The Wave pulled off the comeback of the season, only to blow it with 19 seconds left before losing in overtime. Milwaukee turned a 6-1 deficit into a 7-6 lead, but couldn’t extend their 26-game winning streak over St. Louis.
LW: 5
Similar to the Wave game, the Federal Courthouses had a 3-0 go up in smoke after allowing five straight Harrisburg goals, but Utica scored the last four to win 7-5.
LW: 6
The Blast were idle, but made two significant acquisitions this week. Baltimore got Victor France through the totally normal method of releasing him, having him sign with Orlando and make his season debut, and then immediately trading for him. More conventionally they got Lucas Roque to return to the MASL and resume his tenure with the team.
LW: 7
The Heat were the juicy filling of a Utica sandwich, scoring the game’s middle five goals in a 7-5 loss.
LW: 8
Sonora won their big game against Ontario and now must deal with a tough trip east to Harrisburg and Baltimore.
LW: 12
When you’re 0-26 lifetime against an opponent, you can’t just finally beat them, you have to do it with panache. The Ambush came up with something special, blowing a 6-1 lead, before finally rallying to tie the game with 19 seconds left and then winning in overtime, ending years of futility against the Wave. In three games against the Wave this year, the Ambush have allowed 0 goals in the first half, but 20 goals in the second half.
LW: 13
Kevin Ellis came back and 4-5 is freaking awesome in the Western Conference this year.
LW: 10
Playing Monterrey is not easy but at some point Mesquite will have to beat someone besides Dallas if they are going to be a factor this year.
LW: 14
Tacoma is hanging around in the top-heavy Western Conference. Alex Caceres has been a huge offseason pick-up.
LW: 11
Drip. Drip. Drip. The fast Express start has become a four game losing streak, despite playing only twice in the last 24 days.
LW: 9
Ontario needs to make major changes in a hurry. While Clay Roberts is soaring with his new toys, Jimmy Nordberg is falling flat on his face. Despite being 2-6 and losing a pair of games in Mexico by a combined 23-10, the Fury are only one game out of the last playoff spot.
LW: 16
Dallas lost to Monterrey for the fourth time, but now they only have to lose to them two more times.
LW: 15
Dallas lost all their good players before the season started, so Orlando didn’t have an excuse to start 0-4, but they are clearly going to be a sparring partner for the remaining teams on their schedule this year.
LW: 17