Turf and Boards, in partnership with SKADI Soccer, presents the MASL Jersey Project, a series of concept jerseys for each of the league’s teams. Part III features the Monterrey Flash, Sonora Soles, and Orlando SeaWolves.

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Monterrey Flash
Sonora Soles
Orlando SeaWolves

This time, I stayed classic for all of them.

For Orlando, I think it is a good time to exploit the colors that are in the logo. They are beautiful if we use them right. Recently, for me, Orlando didn’t use very well their color, so it would be a good time to do it.

For both Mexican clubs, it is important to keep it clean since there are a lot of sponsors. It was difficult to do something creative if you are not sure if we will see it.

Antony de Varennes, SKADI Soccer