The Major Arena Soccer League will be putting on their first-ever All-Star game, which is set to take place on December 5th at Cable Dahmer Arena, the home of the Kansas City Comets.

The matchup will feature stars from the Eastern Conference against stars from the Western Conference who will be representing the team they played for in the 2019-20 season (although the MASL’s graphic showed Vini Dantas with a Tacoma Stars logo, he is on the roster of the Eastern Conference, home of his former team, the Baltimore Blast). The arena is allowed to fill 30% of its capacity, or about 1,600 tickets. The game will be a little different since the netting and glass will be extended to keep the ball out of the stands.

How to watch?

You can buy tickets here or watch the match on a platform still to be announced.

Players selected so far:


  • Player-coach- Leo Gibson- Kansas City Comets
  • GK- William Vanzela- Baltimore Blast
  • GK- Paulo Nascimento- St. Louis Ambush
  • GK- Nicolau Neto- Kansas City Comets
  • D- John Sosa- Kansas City Comets
  • D- Darren Toby- Utica City FC
  • D- Elton De Oliveira- Harrisburg Heat
  • D- Axel Duarte- St. Louis Ambush
  • D- Robert Palmer- Kansas City Comets
  • D- James Togbah- Utica City FC
  • MF- Nate Bourdeau- Utica City FC
  • MF- Alex Bradley- Milwaukee Wave
  • MF- Ian Bennett- Milwaukee Wave
  • MF- Jeremy Ortiz- Rochester Lancers
  • MF- Ignacio Flores- Kansas City Comets
  • FW- Max Ferdinand- St. Louis Ambush (representing Milwaukee Wave)
  • FW- Dominic Francis- Harrisburg Heat
  • FW- Vini Dantas- Tacoma Stars (representing Baltimore Blast)
  • FW- Doug Miller- Rochester Lancers
  • FW- Kevin Ellis- Kansas City Comets
  • FW- Duduca Carvalho- St. Louis Ambush


  • Player-coach- Nick Perera- Tacoma Stars
  • GK- Danny Waltman- Tacoma Stars
  • GK- Chris Toth- Tacoma Stars (representing Ontario Fury)
  • D- Israel Sesay- Ontario Fury
  • D- Guerrero Pino- San Diego Sockers
  • D- Cesar Cerda- San Diego Sockers
  • D- Uzi Tayou- Ontario Fury
  • D- Cory Keitz- Tacoma Stars
  • D- Evan McNeley- Tacoma Stars
  • MF- Lipe Andrade- Dallas Sidekicks
  • MF- Micheal Ramos- Tacoma Stars
  • MF- Charlie Gonzalez- Ontario Fury
  • MF- Brian Farber- San Diego Sockers
  • FW- Franck Tayou- Ontario Fury
  • FW- Kraig Chiles- San Diego Sockers
  • FW- Brayan Aguilar- Monterrey Flash
  • FW- Slavisa Ubiparipovic- San Diego Sockers
  • FW- Philip Lund- Tacoma Stars

So, the question is: Will the first professional indoor All-Star Game since 2005-06 be worth the watch?

From what is known so far, it could be well worth it. From the players already selected, there is some serious firepower. While a preseason All-Star Game is odd, it is a good way to kickoff the 2020-21 season after nearly nine months off.

The four keepers are highlighted by Baltimore’s William Vanzela as well as Tacoma’s Danny Waltman and Chris Toth, who have all been among the best in the indoor game over the past decade.

From the field players, Max Ferdinand, Dominic Francis, and Nate Bourdeau are all very worthy selections from the East. The West has two of the league’s most prolific scorers in Franck Tayou and Kraig Chiles with Lipe Andrade helping to balance things out.

The biggest name not selected so far has been Ian Bennett. A MASL All-Star Game without Bennett would be a big miss. Boris Pardo’s absence is also unfortunate considering he’s also been one of the best in the game and spent a couple of years of his professional career with the Kansas City Wizards in MLS before spending four seasons with the Comets. Finally, Drew Ruggles’ absence would be greatly significant coming off winning the 2019-20 MASL Defender of the Year award.

Overall, both the East and the West have picked strong squads so far, with plenty of spots left to be filled, which leads to an exciting matchup between some of the best players throughout the league, which will be must-watch action.


11/16/20 – The MASL announced the additions of Ian Bennett, Guerrero Pino, John Sosa, and Israel Sesay.

11/17/20 – The MASL announced the additions of Micheal Ramos, Cesar Cerda, Darren Toby, and Doug Miller.

11/18/20 – The MASL announced the additions of Kevin Ellis, Uzi Tayou, Elton De Oliveira, and Philip Lund.

11/19/20 – The MASL announced the additions of Cory Keitz, Charlie Gonzalez, Axel Duarte, and Robert Palmer.

11/24/20 – The MASL announced the additions of Duduca Carvalho, James Togbah, Jeremy Ortiz, Ignacio Flores, Nicolau Neto, Brian Farber, and Evan McNeley.

11/25/20 – The MASL announced a pay-per-view Facebook Livestream for $14.99.