What: First ever MASL All-Star Game
When: December 5, 7:00pm CST
Where: Cable Dahmer Arena, Independence, MO
How: Tickets are on sale on Ticketmaster or you can stream the game live on Facebook Live Pay-Per-View for $14.99

Throughout its history, indoor soccer leagues have typically staged a midseason All-Star Game and then named two or three All-League teams at the end of the season. There hasn’t been an All-Star Game since 2006, but the MASL has had an expanded three All-League Teams and an Honorable Mention list each season since 2016-17.

I never liked the concept of Honorable Mention because it doesn’t fit into a format. In the Academy Awards you were either nominated or not. There is no list of people who were under consideration, but were ultimately not nominated.

Then I gained a new perspective on Honorable Mention in the non-All-Star Game era. In April I wrote:

I guess we have this amorphous Honorable Mention team because there is no All-Star Game anymore. More conventionally these 15 players (on Honorable Mention) and the 18 players on the three All-MASL Teams, would be the two All-Star teams of a given season.

April 8, Facebook’s MASL Off the Wall group

Putting that theory to the test, we checked in to see how well the MASL’s three All-League teams and Honorable Mention stack up against this year’s unconventional-preseason-All-Star-Game-in-the-age-of-COVID.

Naturally, some players opted out because of health concerns, other commitments, and visa and international travel reasons, so before anyone says, “They blew it,” I think it’s fair to say the teams ended up being a decent representation of the MASL’s talent under the circumstances. At the same time, even though this has the feel of a Kansas City Comets/Tacoma Stars production, the league allowed the All-Star brand to be placed on it, so that label carries heavy expectations.

  • 17 out of 33 All-League/Honorable Mention players are scheduled to play in the All-Star Game
  • 13 All-Stars have never been All-League or Honorable Mention
  • Of those 13 players, three were on last year’s All-Rookie Team/Rookie Honorable Mention
  • Two players last appeared on the All-League list in 2012-13
  • There are 21 players on the Eastern Conference team, but only 18 players (17 with Franck Tayou out with an injury) on the Western Conference team in part because Vini Dantas is representing the Baltimore Blast instead of the Tacoma Stars, his current club
  • Twelve of the 17 2019-20 MASL teams are represented. The division champs Monterrey Flash (20-2) and Florida Tropics (18-3) have one player, and no players, respectively, while the Rochester Lancers (1-21) have two players on the roster. Besides Florida, there are no players from the Sonora Soles, Mesquite Outlaws, Turlock Express, or the now-defunct Orlando SeaWolves.

Player2019-20 AwardAll-StarLatest Award
Franck Tayou1st Team, MVPWestern
Ian Bennett1st TeamWestern
Cristhian Segura1st Team
Drew Ruggles1st Team, DOY
Marcio Leite1st Team
Chris Toth1st Team, GOYWestern
Brayan Aguilar2nd TeamWestern
Max Ferdinand2nd TeamEastern
Victor Parreiras2nd Team
Jake Schindler2nd Team
Onua Obasi2nd Team
Hugo Silva2nd Team
Leo Gibson3rd TeamEastern
Ricardo Carvalho3rd Team
Micheal Ramos3rd TeamWestern
Darren Toby3rd TeamEastern
Elton De Oliveira3rd TeamEastern
Andrew Coughlin3rd Team
Vini DantasHREastern
Enrique CanezHR
Nick PereraHRWestern
Dominic FrancisHREastern
Moises GonzalezHR
Daniel VillelaHR
Gary BoughtonHR
Robert PalmerHREastern
Cesar CerdaHRWestern
Adriano Dos SantosHR
Alex CaceresHR
Uzi TayouHRWestern
Berna ValdovinosHR
Paulo NascimentoHREastern
William VanzelaHREastern
Nicolau NetoAll-Rookie HREastern
John SosaEastern2017-18 2nd Team
Axel DuarteEastern
James TogbahEastern2018-19 3rd Team
Nate BourdeauEastern
Alex BradleyEastern
Jeremy OrtizEastern
Ignacio FloresEastern2017-18 HR
Doug MillerEastern2012-13 1st Team
Kevin EllisEastern2018-19 All-Newcomer
Duduca CarvalhoROYEastern
Danny WaltmanWestern2015-16 1st Team
Israel SesayWestern
Guerrero PinoWestern2018-19 3rd Team
Cory KeitzWestern
Evan McNeleyWestern
Lipe AndradeAll-RookieWestern
Charlie GonzalezWestern
Brian FarberWestern2012-13 1st Team
Kraig ChilesWestern2018-19 HR
Slavisa UbiparipovicWestern2018-19 3rd Team
Philip LundWestern2017-18 ROY

Full rosters


  • Player-coach- Leo Gibson- Kansas City Comets
  • GK- William Vanzela- Baltimore Blast
  • GK- Paulo Nascimento- St. Louis Ambush
  • GK- Nicolau Neto- Kansas City Comets
  • D- John Sosa- Kansas City Comets
  • D- Darren Toby- Utica City FC
  • D- Elton De Oliveira- Harrisburg Heat
  • D- Axel Duarte- St. Louis Ambush
  • D- Robert Palmer- Kansas City Comets
  • D- James Togbah- Utica City FC
  • MF- Nate Bourdeau- Utica City FC
  • MF- Alex Bradley- Milwaukee Wave
  • MF- Ian Bennett- Milwaukee Wave
  • MF- Jeremy Ortiz- Rochester Lancers
  • MF- Ignacio Flores- Kansas City Comets
  • FW- Max Ferdinand- St. Louis Ambush (representing Milwaukee Wave)
  • FW- Dominic Francis- Harrisburg Heat
  • FW- Vini Dantas- Tacoma Stars (representing Baltimore Blast)
  • FW- Doug Miller- Rochester Lancers
  • FW- Kevin Ellis- Kansas City Comets
  • FW- Duduca Carvalho- St. Louis Ambush


  • Player-coach- Nick Perera- Tacoma Stars
  • GK- Danny Waltman- Tacoma Stars
  • GK- Chris Toth- Tacoma Stars (representing Ontario Fury)
  • D- Israel Sesay- Ontario Fury
  • D- Guerrero Pino- San Diego Sockers
  • D- Cesar Cerda- San Diego Sockers
  • D- Uzi Tayou- Ontario Fury
  • D- Cory Keitz- Tacoma Stars
  • D- Evan McNeley- Tacoma Stars
  • MF- Lipe Andrade- Dallas Sidekicks
  • MF- Micheal Ramos- Tacoma Stars
  • MF- Charlie Gonzalez- Ontario Fury
  • MF- Brian Farber- San Diego Sockers
  • FW- Franck Tayou- Ontario Fury
  • FW- Kraig Chiles- San Diego Sockers
  • FW- Brayan Aguilar- Monterrey Flash
  • FW- Slavisa Ubiparipovic- San Diego Sockers
  • FW- Philip Lund- Tacoma Stars