Back of the ‘Net is a collection of posts, news, and memes that broke the Internet or that we’re just shipping at the moment.

Jason Sudeikis and Ben Harper were duded up in Kansas City Comets/Thundergong! t-shirts. Thundergong! is an annual concert that benefits the Steps of Faith Foundation

Player/Rapper/Hype Man Elliot Fauske prepares to go to war for the Rochester Lancers against Utica City FC.

The Harrisburg Heat put their spin on Facebook’s hottest meme.

This is from April, but this Ontario Fury video is too good not to share.

Matt Thornton sits down with Dallas Sidekicks coach Simon Bozas and Director of Soccer Operations Jesse Llamas.

Survey says, “Let’s Get Tropical!”

Yes, our very own Matt Huber is down with Utica City for life and has the tattoo to prove it.